Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Birthday Mum xxxx Miss You

Bit of a sombre post from me today. Today would be my mum's 67th birthday. I lost my mum 5 years ago on the 16th July coming. I miss her so much, more now than ever and a few weeks ago I was having a day where she was on  my mind all day so I decided to make her a birthday card in her memory. 

I used her favourite colours pink and green and also added flowers and butterflies, she loved gardening and was always pottering around in her garden with our Westie Robbie always in her shadow! 

She used to love the crafty things I made and always let me send for stuff and get it delivered to her house so hubby didnt know!! lol

Love you mum xxxxx

Also been looking through my old piccies and came across one of me and mum sun bathing by a caravan on holiday one year! Reminds me of me and my little girl now x x Heres my gorgeous mum and me aged about 7ish! Many moons ago!! 

The digi is from the very talented Heather Valentin's Lacy Sunshine shop. 


  1. Beautiful card sweetie, sending you hugs xxxx

  2. Stunning card Jill. I'm sure your mam's looking at it now and loving it.

    Cute pic of you and Mam together.
    Big hugs.

  3. Lovely card. It is good to remember our mum's, we always miss them. I lost my mum in 2007. She was 92 but ill for 5 years so it was a blessing for her.
    When my mum was my age 68 my youngest daughter was 4. Her youngest daughter is now 4.

  4. Beautiful card Jill, and I am sure your mum would love it as she is no doubt watching over you. Thank you for sharing the photograph of you and your mum.

    Linda xxxx

  5. A beautiful card Jill and how wonderful that it's been influenced by your Mum. It's a lovely tribute to her and I'm sure she would be so proud of you.
    It's a lovely photo of you together x


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