Monday, 18 February 2013

My New Ribbon Chest!!

While I was at the craft show in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, I got myself an MDF ribbon chest to decopatch. You can see it in the bottom left of this piccy 

This is the chest after decopatching. I decided to do it all in one paper but I think it needs further decorating so will play with it at another time, was just itching to get it filled!! Of course, there was no option, it had to be pink to match my craft room!! 

And finally in place on my ever decreasing in size desk!! along with a small selection of my copics  lol

I've really enjoyed papering up this box, its just really relaxing and can sit and do it with a tray on my knee whilst watching telly. I'll be posting many more decopatch projects, as you can see from the 1st piccy I got plenty of blanks to be getting on with!! Just gotta work out a way to invent some more hours in the day!! lol

Thanks for stopping by if you have!


  1. That is a fabulous way to store ribbon, Jill, and still have it 'visually available' ! My problem is if I can't see it, I don't use it. :-D And I know all about that disappearing desk space. Mine can get down to 4 square inches!

    1. I'm like that Connie, if I can't see it I forget about it!! and it sits in a box for years!! lol thats why I wanted something like this so I can't forget about all my lovely ribbon!! lol xx

  2. What a great idea Jill:)
    Love it!

  3. WOW Jill this is stunning!!! I love the gorgeous decopatch paper and what a fantastic way to store you ribbons and still be able to see them.

    Linda xxx

  4. That looks fabulous Jill, and so pretty with all the "tails" x

  5. This is gorgeous Jill! I absolutely love it and think it looks great in all the same paper. Fabulous project.

  6. Gorgeous project and such a handy storage space :)

  7. Great idea Jill, looks lovely :-) xxx

  8. Looks really good and a great idea!


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